Meet Laura

Integrated Health Professional, Creator of KōR & KARMA, & international fitness influencer

Laura Poggio is dedicated to designing the best lifestyle strategy for achieving each person’s unique goals.

Her methods of working-in during a work-out not only builds a powerful physical KōR, but supports a positive and mindful lifestyle where Karma plays a major role in obtaining true balance and inner peace.

Whether you are looking to be long and lean, toned and built, more flexible, powerful or peaceful, Laura is the missing link between your goals and real results.  Mixing her extensive knowledge and passion for weight lifting, yoga, acro-yoga, resistance training, stretching & flexibility, hiking, running, Muay Thai, nutrition and meditation, there is never a moment when you are not learning something new and amazing about your body and the way it can move.

At some point everyone has felt uncomfortable, insecure, and weak in their skin. Growing up an athlete and model in NYC, Laura understands all too well how we are living in a world of instant gratification. She has taken the time to certify and educate herself to help empower others to get where they want to go, the right way.

Laura teaches you the how’s and why’s while you work, so you can keep doing what you love comfortably for years to come.

Laura’s methods focus on the comprehension and importance of ‘breath to movement’ as she hones in on proper alignment, injury prevention, correcting imbalances, building strength, new skills, and a broader sense of social, environmental, and self awareness.

Her unique voice, energy and sense humor is contagious and it fosters her belief that fitness needs to be functional to be fully absorbed. Dying a slow, uncomfortable, sweaty death is no way to go!

Let Laura design a program of healthy habits where you enjoy eating right, keeping tight, and changing in a more positive, progressive way to unleash the best version of really, amazing YOU!